Meet The Mental Health Experts: Richard Buggs – Mental Health and Gun Violence Prevention

Richard Buggs
Richard Buggs

Richard Buggs

Richard will be at the hackathon to help you develop your ideas and create solutions to specific mental health issues.  His specific area of interest is Mental Health and the Reduction of Gun Violence.

At the hackathon, Richard wants to explore means by which we could predict who the next mass shooter could be. 20% of the American population seek mental health help relating to stress, sleep deprivation, depression. Schizophrenia impacts approximately 1% of the population and can cause the sufferer to lose touch with reality and is terrifying for the victim. Bi-polar disease affects mood, energy, etc. Both of these conditions have treatments and medications available. In the video below, Richard explores this and looks forward to working with you at the hackathon.

Richard Buggs has been CIIS Dean of Alumni since 2006 and is responsible for cultivation of alumni relations with the Institute’s 3,400 alums, now living in 29 different countries. Buggs is also a member of the CIIS Advancement Group. He created the CIIS Travel Program in 2004 and annually leads alumni and friends trips to India. In 1996 he earned his PhD in Clinical Psychology from CIIS and has a BA from San Diego State University. He is a licensed psychologist and maintains a private practice in psychotherapy. Buggs previously served on the board of directors for Haight-Ashbury Psychological Services and on the board of the California Psychology Internship Council. He also served at CIIS as dean of students (1998-2007) and as director of Career and Field Placement (1994-1998).

Highground Hackers is proud to partner with the California Institute of Integral Studies which brings its expertise to succinctly articulate Problem Statements and work with participants at our Nov 16th Hackathon for Mental Health.    

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