Meet The Mental Health Experts: Rebecca Elliot – Super Ego and Self Critic

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Rebecca Elliot
Rebecca Elliot

Rebecca Elliot

Rebecca will be at the hackathon to help you develop your ideas and create solutions to specific mental health issues.  Her specific area of interest is the Super Ego and Self Critic.

Our inner critic and super ego in its most benign form can get in the way of us achieving and accomplishing what we desire most. At its worst, these same phenomena can lead to depression, anxiety, narcissism, and self hatred. These conditions can be pre-cursors to violence towards others or ourselves. Watch the video below for a more detailed explanation of the super ego and self critic and how this relates to dangerous mental health issues.

A San Francisco native, Rebecca spent 15 years with 3M Company, Electronic Products Division, known for its technology innovation. During her tenure, she focused primarily on product development and new business development. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, and a master’s degree in Consciousness Studies combining strong business acumen with an understanding of human psychological constructs. She provides executive coaching and consulting services through Elliott Coaching. In her time off, she loves the outdoors, and can be found hiking around the bay area hills, or near the ocean, and has an affinity for farmers’ markets.

Highground Hackers is proud to partner with the California Institute of Integral Studies which brings its expertise to succinctly articulate Problem Statements and work with participants at our Nov 16th Hackathon for Mental Health.    

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