Meet The Mental Health Experts: Phil Weglarz – Violence Prevention in Youth

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Phil Weglarz
Phil Weglarz

Phil Weglarz

Phil will be at the hackathon to help you develop your ideas and create solutions to specific mental health issues.  His specific area of interest is Violence Prevention in Youth.

In 2010, 1 in 6 youths reported being victims of violence online; 7% of teachers that year reported being physically attacked by students; that same year, 1 in 5 12 to 18 year olds reported the presence of gangs in their schools.  There are a number of prevention strategies recommended that we will explore to prevent violence.  Watch the video below for an introduction to the subject.

Phil Weglarz, MFT, REAT is a full time core faculty at CIIS. Professor Weglarz teaches core courses involving the application and innovation of arts techniques in social services. As a therapist, many of his clients have been boys and men who are massive consumers of action-packed, often violent movies, games and toys. He believes creative expression and fantasy play are excellent outlets for aggressive impulses and that artists and hacktivists need to play an active role in mitigating the potentially negative impact of profit-motivated, violent franchises.

Highground Hackers is proud to partner with the California Institute of Integral Studies which brings its expertise to succinctly articulate Problem Statements and work with participants at our Nov 16th Hackathon for Mental Health.    

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