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Daniel Deslauriers
Daniel Deslauriers

Daniel Deslauriers

Daniel will be at the hackathon to help you develop your ideas and create solutions to specific mental health issues.  His specific area of interest is Data as it relates to mental health and consciousness.

Data not only exists as an archival entity, but it also exists within human interaction and is generated in real-time. The human brain is very good at selecting data and relating it to what has happened in the past, and extrapolating it to what could happen in the future. Online, in a conversation, or even when viewing a video online, our brains are trying to understand patterns in tonality, facial expression, and gestures. These give us an indication of whether the person we are interacting with or viewing is calm, agitated, distracted, stressed, etc. and we then project our interpretation of that data onto the person we are viewing. View the video below to get an understanding of potential real-time applications that can assist in human interaction and therefore smooth human relationships and engagements.

Daniel Deslauriers, PhD, received his doctorate (1989) in Psychology from the University of Montreal (Quebec) and conducted research at the University of Auckland (New Zealand) and the Chronopsychology Laboratory, Carleton University (Ontario). He lived in Indonesia and has studied the religion and sacred arts of Bali, and trained in Gamelan music and Balinese dance. He was co-founder of the Montreal Center for the Study of Dreams. Daniel co-authored Le rêve: sa nature, sa fonction et une methode d’analyse (P.U.Q., 1987), has published articles on epistemology and narrative research, and and has co-authored (with Fariba Bogzaran) Integral Dreaming (SUNY Press, 2012). His professional interests in consciousness studies include: traditional and contemporary approaches to dreams and imagination, altered states of consciousness, spiritual intelligence, and integral psychology. He is also a practitioner and teacher of Unity in Motion, a bodymind integrative practice.

Highground Hackers is proud to partner with the California Institute of Integral Studies which brings its expertise to succinctly articulate Problem Statements and work with participants at our Nov 16th Hackathon for Mental Health.    

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