Meet The Mental Health Experts: Annabel Mangold – Preventative Technology

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Annabel Mangold
Annabel Mangold

Annabel Mangold

Annabel will be at the hackathon to help you develop your ideas and create solutions to specific mental health issues.  Her specific area of interest is Using Technology to Reduce Stress and Create More Balanced Lives.

90% of all doctor’s visits are scheduled because of stress-related symptoms and over a million smartphones are activated each day. So, stress is at an all-time high and the ubiquity of smartphones has created a huge opportunity. Before stress becomes chronic, or triggers a more severe mental condition, how can we utilize existing systems or create new applications which help us live more balanced lives? Watch the video below for an introduction to the subject.

Annabel is an award-winning UX Designer and Strategist whose work focuses on creating and implementing new technologies which connect people more intimately with each other and their environment. Psychological theory and techniques have played a major role in her work and she has created two apps centered on Mindfulness. She was educated at University of Redlands’ Johnston Center for Integrative Studies, Eugene Lang College of New School University (BA in Poetry & Journalism) and Portfolio Center (Graduate Studies in Strategic Design).

Highground Hackers is proud to partner with the California Institute of Integral Studies which brings its expertise to succinctly articulate Problem Statements and work with participants at our Nov 16th Hackathon for Mental Health.    

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