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At this weekend hackathon, Highground Hackers will work with subject matter experts and civic non-profits to develop technology solutions to address issues revolving violence reduction, mindfulness, crime, and other urban issues. Often times, ideas and prototypes conjured up at hackathons are ephemeral, in order to keep these projects alive, Urban Hack is focusing on applications and services that can be continually used by the beneficiaries after the hackathon.

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Our Mission

The Highground Hackers is a group of civic minded developers, technology executives, entrepreneurs, and investors working to connect engineering talent with non-technical experts in different fields of public concern.

Our mission is to ameliorate specific public issues by developing and deploying technology-based solutions, each built to address different facets of a target problem. The goal is to facilitate and nurture the development of products and to deliver them quickly and efficiently into the hands of those that need them. We do this by organizing uniquely structured Hackathons that bring together the brightest of engineering minds and experts in the target field of public concern. We nurture selected technologies and teams to deliver finished products by connecting engineers, products, investors and users within an incubation ecosystem.

Featured Hackers

“[Doug Marks] He’s at this Hackathon today because he’s COO of a startup called Concrn. The company makes a smartphone app that helps cities and counties dispatch mental health specialists to meet police officers in the field.”

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“The challenges society face are multi-faceted, deep, and without a single solution to address them all. Society needs a broad quilt of overlapping solutions, each targeted at specific populations, situations, and contexts. Sometimes those solutions will intersect and sometimes they won’t, but we need a large number, each highly targeted that codify the expertise of professionals – and we need them now!”

- James Colgan

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